You can be a Sponsor

I often speak with my clients about strategies to use in finding a sponsor, but I recently had a conversation that surprised both my friend and me.

The conclusion was we are the sponsors.  Almost every one of us can sponsor someone.


The approximation of the first response my friend said to me when I asked her who she sponsored was: “I don’t manage a big team anymore.”  She caught herself, and then said: “I don’t have any influence over anyone.”  Then, we both stared at each other and started laughing.

We’ve had conversations before about helping other women in their careers.  We’ve actively advocated for women and men.  We’ve talked about how we can ensure we all rise together.  

But, somehow something didn’t resonate until this moment that we are​ sponsoring people right now.  We actively argue the case for giving them opportunities.  We reach out to our friends and sing their praises when they are looking for a position.  

We are sponsors.

They might know, or they might not know that we do this. That part is unimportant.

Since that conversation, I’ve been thinking about this more. Now that I have a clear idea in my head of who I sponsor, will it change anything? I think it might. I’ll let you know.

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