Unexpected Impact

I had a conversation last week that was so good I need to share.  

She was telling me about a win that she had experienced that morning.   Her teenager was angry and behaving as teenagers do, and she found herself watching the situation in her minds-eye and getting curious instead of reacting.  It was a first for her to be able to step aside from the situation while it was still unfolding.  It allowed her to avoid being pulled into the drama.  

I can’t say this was as a result of my coaching, but this is someone I’ve coached about things totally unrelated to children. 

But, she told me this because the work we had done around how to deal with challenging situations and difficult people at work was turning out to be helpful in other situations.

I wanted to share this for this very reason.  I personally had the experience of having leadership coaching trickle over into personal relationship improvements, weight loss, and decluttering.  Learning these skills can improve our lives in ways we don’t anticipate.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of becoming the watcher, stay tuned.  I’ll share some more about this in a future post.


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