Idea Babies

I’ve heard this term several times in the last month. 

It’s a reference to innovation.  I think this terminology is more descriptive and more fun.

Two ideas get together and have a baby.

This can happen when you are reading about a new concept, and you’ve just had exposure to another.  The two of these combine to become a new idea.

I see it most often when my client is telling me about an idea and I share something that I’ve heard.  There is a look of astonishment on their face, and an idea baby pops right out of their mouth.   

They usually think this was where I was “leading” them, but I had no plan.   Most often, I was thinking I was asking clarifying questions so that I could understand.  Looking back, it was usually a misunderstanding on my part, and I was saying something like “is this similar to xx??’

I also identify idea babies for my peers.  I think it’s because I’ve become an active listener.  They are telling me about a few things they are considering and I will ask if they are  combining them.  What???!!!     

I feel so smart in both of these cases, but I will admit, I rarely have idea babies on my own.  I read a lot and think a lot.  Seldom do two ideas come together without an outside stimulus of a conversation.   

Apparently it’s possible.

If you’ve recently read or heard about something interesting, see if it could apply to another area you are considering.   If nothing comes up for you alone, talk about it with someone.  See if the two of you can make an idea baby together!



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