Authentic, but Better

Recently I heard something about being authentic, but better, from two separate speakers.

I heard the first explanation from someone speaking at a coaching conference.  She was talking about the challenge many of our clients have when they discover they could get a different result when they approach a circumstance differently, but then worry about whether they are being inauthentic.

She drew some stick figures to illustrate, so I’m including some of my own here.  

  • The first one represents us as we see ourselves authentically.
  • The second one is what we think happens when we do something differently.  We worry that we are losing ourselves.  See how I erased the arm.
  • The third picture is what really happens.  We grow additional arms.  

Now those additional arms may seem a bit creepy, but it resonated with me.  I can see how I can still be me, still be authentic, but with more tools.

Then, a couple of weeks later I heard a speaker talking about how we wear different clothes for different circumstances.  We have clothes we wear when we are speaking to a crowd, or having our picture taken.  We have others we wear when we attend a formal party.  Well, maybe you have those.   I do have different clothes I wear to take my dogs to the dog park.  I wear different clothes for different weather.  I wear other clothes for my regular workdays.    I know I behave slightly different when I have on different clothes, but I’m still authentically me.

So if you can figure out how you need to think, feel and act to get a different result from the same circumstance, isn’t that just like having a new tool, or wearing different clothes?

Authentic, but BETTER.