I am a Watcher

I mentioned the concept of watcher a few posts back. 

I’ve heard it is rooted in Buddhism, and I’ve heard many versions of it.  My first exposure was in the book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

The essence is that when we take a moment to examine our thoughts instead of immediately reacting to them as if they were in control, we learn all kinds of things, and most importantly, we take control of our lives.  We get our power back.

Once I understood that I can choose to think whatever I wanted, the next obvious step was to be curious about why I was having these thoughts.  Then, if I liked the result I was getting from thinking this way, fine.  But if not, I can decide to change it.

That’s it.   It sounds simple, but it takes some time for it to become natural. 

Meditation is a practice that can help develop this skill. 

So can just slowing down when you realize you might be reacting counter to how you’d like to behave. 

Driving, dealing with teenagers, unsolicited advice.  The list of possible moments that would benefit from this skill can go on and on. 

Give it a try.  Pause.  Approach that thought in your head as if it is coming from someone else.  Ask yourself if it is helpful.