No Judgement

“No Judgement” is something that most of us think we practice.

We say it laughingly to others.

We often do practice this much better for others than for ourselves.  This is a post about Re-Learning.

I went through a surprisingly stressful time this year.  The part that is surprising is that I think if I wasn’t a coach, I wouldn’t have had such negative self-judgement.  I wasn’t using my coaching skills on myself.  Rather, I was using them against myself.  

I was telling myself that since I have all the coaching tools, and know how to explore my thoughts and find ones that work for me, I shouldn’t have been feeling so betrayed, angry, annoyed, frustrated.

If I was coaching me, I would have seen the “should”.  I would have also seen that I wasn’t really exploring my thoughts.

Instead, I kept thinking that I was inauthentic. What kind of coach can’t manage their thoughts?

Well, this one.

Once I realized that I was staying in all this churn mostly because of negative self-judgement, I could also see interfering with my ability to progress in many other areas.

Self-awareness is the first step and has brought so much relief. 

Now I’m practicing curiosity.

More on that in another post.