Year End Reviews

I’m having a lot of coaching conversations about 2020 goals. I love working on goals.

I’ve found that most of us do better with goal setting when we start with a reflection. Since we’re looking at a new year, I’ll ask them to tell me what they accomplished in the past year.  This typically starts with a list of big work projects.  That’s good, but far from enough.

What were the seemingly smaller efforts that stand out in  your mind.  Now ask yourself why you remember them.  Often, there’s something good there to explore.  It might hint at an area that you enjoy at work, but that you aren’t prioritizing.  It might be because it required a new habit to be formed that has proven to be super impactful in your life.  

What about behavioral changes you made this last year?  Do you delegate better?  Are you a better listener?  Why do you think it happened?  How did you make it happen?

How about at home?  Think back to one year ago.  What’s different now?  Did you help the teenager learn to drive?  Did you take a great vacation?  Did the kids soccer team have a fun season?  Do you have dinner together most evenings?  

Most of us don’t appreciate some of the big deals that we believe are life as usual:  kept our job, got the kids to school most days, walked the dogs, have a relatively presentable house/yard.  Think about it.  If you didn’t have these, you’d want them.  

As I talk to my clients about their full life review, they always start expressing gratitude for many things in their life.

Every year I relearn how much this helps all of us get to a better understanding of how we want our next year to look.