As I’m thinking about 2020 and my anticipation of accomplishing goals, I paused and remembered an exercise/challenge.

It’s more negative than I typically like to let myself get, but every time I’ve done it, the results have been worth it.

Here’s how it goes.

I imagine myself at the goal date in the same situation I’m in right now, not having accomplished the goal.

How do I feel? What are the thoughts I’m thinking about my situation? The reason this exercise works so well for me is because I don’t like this feeling. I dislike it so much that I want to avoid it.

Most of us have experienced not meeting a goal. We said we wanted to lose weight, exercise more, save money, declutter, change jobs, etc, but we didn’t accomplish the goal.

Rather than doing a retrospective on past circumstances, imagine reaching the goal date and not having met this new goal. Visualize yourself at that date, looking back at the time between now and then and imagine what happened to prevent your achievement.

Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper.

Make a list of all of these reasons on the left side of the page.

Now, the right of each of these reasons, write what you will do to avoid this from happening.

We now have the list of actions we need to be sure to take to accomplish our goal.

I just completed this exercise.  Now I’m ready for the next step.  I need to find thoughts that will drive me to take these actions, but that’s for another post.