Word of the Year


I find it odd that I’m so easily able to pick a word for the year that resonates with me.

I first heard about a “word of the year” on the Happier podcast. While I liked the idea, my first thought was that I wouldn’t be able to come up with one that worked for me. But, then I just let it sit for a while and it would occasionally come to mind when I would hear someone say something interesting, or obvious. I’d think “that’s a good word for them for next year”. This morphed to thinking I wanted that word and finally to selecting a word.

This year it wasn’t quite as obvious. I started thinking about it in October. You are probably wondering why that early.

The answer to that requires me to digress.

The first year I came up with my word, I wondered how I could remember it and heard someone had put their word on a bracelet. Bracelets made me think about charms, and charms made me think a necklace would work better. I ordered my word from an Etsy vendor, and loved it. This year will be my third charm.

Back to October.

I dropped my necklace and the charm fell off. I was looking at it and thinking about whether it had been the right word.

My year was not what I had anticipated when i selected the word, but it worked.

So, I started thinking about 2020. I would think I maybe had something and then decide I didn’t like it. This thinking went on the back burner.

I did my 2019 reflection and started considering my goals, and realized there was a common theme of “focus”. Because 2020 makes me think about 20-20 vision, for a while I thought focus was the right word, but something didn’t feel exactly right.

A few days ago I wrote a quick aspirational affirmation in my journal. “I am intentional”. Bam!

It’s aspirational because I’m not. Yet.

But ever since I landed on this, I see how being intentional will help me reach all my disparate 2020 goals.