Accountability Partners

It can be a challenge to find the right balance that make accountability partnerships work.

I have some friends that find that reminders from others cause them to rebel and not want to do what they had previously said they wanted. 

Others of us find  expectations of some to sometimes be too heavy and we find ourselves living up to these expectations, but disappointing ourselves in other ways.

That perfect balance between encouragement and expectations makes for great partners as well as having similar goals and expectations.  Great communication and  no shaming.

Recently I relearned that it’s difficult to find a great accountability partner and this has made me so appreciative of the ones that I do have.  

Creating My Chain

Even before I had ever heard of keeping a visual reminder for habit creation, I knew that if I did something every day and then missed a day or two, I’d have internal resistance to starting again.  What had previously felt normal, now felt new.
It wasn’t just me.  Apparently, one proven method for building habits is to do it so consistently for long enough that it feels more normal to do it than to skip it.
“Don’t Break the Chain” is one method for maintaining motivation.  It’s additive.  Every day I am marking off when I’ve accomplished the daily goal so the more days in a row that I do this, the bigger the momentum becomes to keep this going.  
I’ve tried the app, and it’s not as motivating for me as doing it on a paper calendar.  
Let’s all do this for a habit we are trying to change.    Exercise, Writing, Reading, 7+ hours of sleep, limiting TV viewing are just a few you could go after.
We set our own daily goal, and our own rules around it.  

For me, it’s to bring movement back into my day.  I get an X on the date if do something active for 20 minutes.  My default will be an outdoor walk, but I’m allowing substitutions of cycling or elliptical or treadmill.   

P.S. I’ve decided if I’m sick, I don’t get an X but I do get a S on the calendar, so that it’s not a complete break.    My chain.  My rules!

Believe that 2020 will be the Best Year Ever

Yep, I’m sure of it.

I will make it happen for me.

My clients will make it happen for them.



It’s not so woo woo as just saying it and it will be so.

In order to really believe it, I need to be able to describe it. How will I feel after reaching the goal?  What are my thoughts? How will I know I’ve reached the goal?

If it’s an annual goal, are there milestones?  What are the obstacles I will face? For every obstacle, what will I need to do to overcome it?

Then, keep it present. Yep, I’m back to that.

The best successes I’ve seen are when I write the goal down every day. I had a client equally successful with saying it out loud to a trusted friend every day.  That is a good friend to listen to the same thing every day, but find what works for you.

And plan. Every quarter. Every month. Every week. Every day. What are you going to do to take you a small step closer to this goal. That’s a whole other post though.