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a review of the book

Conscious Luck

You change your luck the moment you make a conscious commitment to being lucky.

The authors, Gay Hendricks and Carol Kline, provide practical processes to help us open ourselves up to greater luck.

Luck chases worthy goals

They provide tools to help us make a big shift in consciousness.  They call these secrets, four are foundational and another four are for daily living. 

The 8 Secrets of Changing Your Luck

Secret #1 — Commit to Be a VLP – Very Lucky Person. 

Secret #2 — Release your Personal Barriers to Good Fortune. 

Secret #3 — Transform Shame into a Magnet for Abundance. 

Secret #4 — Have luck-worthy goals. The second four are daily living secrets

Secret #5 — Take Bold Action Consistently 

Secret #6 — Find your Lucky Tribe. 

Secret #7 — Learn to Be at the Right Place at the Right Time. 

Secret #8 — Practice Radical Gratitude and Appreciation.

In each chapter, there are activities to consider so that the reader can execute the secret in their life.

To access our intuition, we need to stop relying on what we’re used to perceiving and tap into the subtle sensory discernment and inner knowing that’s there at our disposal – even if we don’t always understand it.

I especially liked their Emergency Luck Repair“As soon as you become conscious that things are not going your way, stop what you’re doing and immediately find one lucky thought”. “A lucky thought is one that puts you in a place of gratitude and appreciation for at least one thing in your life.”  Then focus on the breath.  Then you can return to what you were doing and be in a better state for making a decision about what to do next.

Overall, it was a fun and easy read.  It’s always good to be reminded that we have more control of our experiences than we sometimes allow ourselves to believe.