I’m using part of a phrase a friend of mine says, “things I’ve learned, or relearned” as the title of the blog. I’ll be sharing what I’ve been learning and relearning about coaching, and myself, as well as things that my clients learn and relearn and how I learn from them.  Occasionally this will include short book reviews for those that I like.

get back up again

The lyrics, “I get knocked down. I get back up again.” I have been going through my head all weekend.   It’s not entirely applicable.  No one knocked me down.  It
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I am a Watcher

I mentioned the concept of watcher a few posts back.  I’ve heard it is rooted in Buddhism, and I’ve heard many versions of it.  My first exposure was in the
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Authentic, but Better

Recently I heard something about being authentic, but better, from two separate speakers. I heard the first explanation from someone speaking at a coaching conference.  She was talking about the
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Idea Babies

I’ve heard this term several times in the last month.  It’s a reference to innovation.  I think this terminology is more descriptive and more fun. Two ideas get together and
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Unexpected Impact

I had a conversation last week that was so good I need to share.   She was telling me about a win that she had experienced that morning.   Her teenager was
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Is that REALLY your goal? I coach people to help them discover, clarify, and go after their goal.  So, when a fellow coach said to me “Is that really your goal?”,
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